The Jokers

An early band in which Bill Cunningham (The Box Tops) and Richard Rosebrough played. Richard later played drums on portions of Big Star's "Third," a number of early Alex Chilton albums, and Chris Bell's "I Am The Cosmos" album.

Left is a band card from late 1965. (At this point Tex Schwartz, whose name appears on the card, was not in the group.)

The Jokers in late 1965. Left to right--Dudley Brewer (bass), Bill Cunningham (keyboard), Mark Cowen (lead vocal) [front], Wayne Reynolds (guitar), and Richard Rosebrough (drums). [Photo courtesy of Richard Rosebrough]

The Jokers in late 1965. Left to right--Bill Cunningham, Mark Cowen, Richard Rosebrough, Wayne Reynolds, and Dudley Brewer. [Photo courtesy of Richard Rosebrough]