The Letter/Neon Rainbow
(Sundazed SC 6158, 2000)

1.Letter 1:52
2.She Knows How 3:05
3.Trains & Boats & Planes 3:45
4.Break My Mind 2:27
5.Whiter Shade of Pale 4:32
6.Everything I Am 2:17
7.Neon Rainbow 3:01
8.People Make The World 2:28
9.I'm Your Puppet 2:51
10.Happy Times 1:43
11.Gonna Find Somebody 2:59
12.I Pray For Rain 2:22

Bonus tracks:
13.Turn On A Dream 2:48
14.The Letter (mono single version) 1:56
15.Neon Rainbow (mono single version) 2:57
16.Georgia Farm Boy (previously unissued) 3:48

Album Credits
Originally issued as Bell album 6011-S, November 1967
Original recording produced by Dan Penn
Mastered by Bob Irwin at Sundazed Studios, Coxsackie, NY
Recorded at American Recording Studios Inc., Memphis, Tenn.
Project Managers: Tim Livingston and Efram Turchick
Package design by Rich Russell/Sundazed Music
Original cover design: Steven Craig Productions
Photos & graphics courtesy of Bill Cunningham, Danny Smythe, Clark & Steve Besch, Ric Zannitto,
  and the Sundazed Archive
Cover Photo: Frank Lerner