Quentin Tarantino Discusses The Box Tops “Choo Choo Train” Selection For “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” Soundtrack

Interviewer: We mentioned the BoxTops’ “Choo Choo Train” is on here (the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood soundtrack), again one that …

Quentin Tarantino: I could have put THREE Box Tops songs in (the film) and never hit their TWO nationwide hits! I love “Sweet Cream Ladies Forward March” so much! Unfortunately, I couldn’t put it in, because every place I would have put it in, it’s like, it would be TOO on the money. Like, I thought about putting it in when like the Manson girls are walking in front of the car, but that’s just TOO obvious, all right. I might as well play the “Baby Elephant Walk,” all right, as they do their walk. So it was just TOO on the money. But I love “Choo Choo Train,” and  I LOVE Alex Chilton’s voice.

To hear the clip, fast forward the player below to -3:39

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