The Jokers

An early band in which Bill Cunningham (The Box Tops) and Richard Rosebrough played. Richard later played drums on portions of Big Star’s “Third,” a number of early Alex Chilton albums, and Chris Bell’s “I Am The Cosmos” album.
Above is a band card from late 1965. (At this point Tex Schwartz, whose name appears on the card, was not in the group.)

The Jokers in late 1965. Left to right–Dudley Brewer (bass), Bill Cunningham (keyboard), Mark Cowen (lead vocal) [front], Wayne Reynolds (guitar), and Richard Rosebrough (drums). [Photo courtesy of Richard Rosebrough]

The Jokers in late 1965. Left to right–Bill Cunningham, Mark Cowen, Richard Rosebrough, Wayne Reynolds, and Dudley Brewer. [Photo courtesy of Richard Rosebrough]